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Listen to Negotiate

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Excellent negotiators are excellent listeners.  Pay attention to others, ask questions and focus on the answers.  Those on the other end of the negotiation will feel respected when you pay attention to them.  Listening is a skill that takes attention and energy.  Your efforts here will pay off.

Short-term Goal: Listen to understand. Your negotiation will likely have a better outcome if you understand the objectives of your negotiating partner.

Long-term Goal: Listen to build relationship. Encourage the exchange of information for the future and to build trust.

The model, illustrated below, of listening behaviors ranges from highly non-engaging behaviors (listener-centered) to highly engaging behaviors (speaker-centered).

Listening Continuum

I encourage you to stay to the right (on the continuum) of “Confrontation!”

Until next time, Know Your Audience!


Monday, September 26th, 2011


It sounds like breathing again! But it is more than that.  When you present a proposal that you would like others to act on, remember to expose your ideas to influencers and decision makers prior to the presentation.

Advocate: promote your idea

Inquire: ask what others think (colleagues, partners, and customers)

Repeat: revise your idea based on the responses, and repeat the process

Advocate Inquire Repeat

This is a method for testing your ideas prior to presenting them to a larger audience.  You will refine your ideas with each successive iteration of the A-I-R process.  When you finally present your ideas to a larger audience, be sure to address any concerns and to give proper credit for enhancements to the initial ideas.

Until next time, remember, prepare for your audience!